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Post  Arelial11 on Sun Jul 03, 2011 10:37 pm


Game which character first appeared :(can make up game if custom)


Ally or Enemy of Sonic:Ally

Apperence:Looks like Sonic , but red and haven' t leg

History:He is from Central City. When he have 6 the Egman's robot atack him , but the robot was defacted by Aperial.
Aperial in fight's time broke his leg. Next time another robot go to kill him , but Aperial defatced the robot too.
When he had 12 he go to the Metropoly. He was atacked too , but he destory the robot , but the robot cut Aperial's leg.
When he hed 18 he saw dead of his parent's. Since then he going to kill Egman and his robots


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