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Post  Nio on Mon Sep 20, 2010 4:18 pm

Name: Nio

Game which character first appeared: First mentioned in a hidden memo in Sonic Chronicles, made his actual first appearance in Sonic: Typhoons, first playable in Sonic Rivals 3.

Gender: Male

Ally or Enemy of Sonic: Both

Appearence: Nio the Gizoid Kenp (human form)

History: Nio is believed to be the second Gizoid designed, though he was never actually completed. His plans were finished, and many parts, but he wasn't intended to be an actual production model. He was simply a proof of concept for new features. However the parts were lost, and even on their own they became intelligent, and began to piece together over centuries. He was finally completed by the Typhoon organization, which recruited him as an ally. He fought against Sonic twice during the battles with the Typhoon, before the group was defeated. But before they could celebrate Nio swallowed all of the heroes besides Sonic, and absorbed their powers, forcing Sonic to enter Super Form to defeat him. After Nio was beaten he coughed up the others, and managed to flee the airship before it crashed. Nio had been quite impressed by Sonic, and was far friendlier on their next encounter, though still smug and confrontational. Nio is an enhanced Gizoid, and besides copying moves, he can also copy forms. This usually requires him to eat the individual, though he doesn't harm them really, and they're just trapped in his belly until he coughs them up from taking enough damage. He still keeps their form afterwards though, and so he can copy most of the heroes shapes. He also has a unique human form he designed himself, though he can only create one at a time. He usually appears as his human form, though he sometimes imitates Tails instead, and only takes his true form when fighting.


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