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Post  Bree The Hedgehog on Sun Apr 15, 2012 8:57 pm

Character: Bree The hedgehog

Abilities: Amazing aim with bow and arrows, extremely quiet when walking

Description: Dark purple, spikes stick up in a odd fashion, has striking green eyes.(or just look at my avatar 030)

Personality : Strong willed, doesn't like fighting but will of she has to

Bio: Bree is the daughter of Mephiles, due to a freak accident (she fell off a cliff ._.) this is all she can remember, so when she finally wakes up, she believes she has to free Mephiles at all costs. Mephiles, being the loving father he is, fools her constantly, so that she will do everything he asks her to, with no questios asked. Her friend (cough, cough) Cerberus, tries to help her and almost gets killed in doing so, she finally snaps out of it, but cannot ever bring herself to seal her father again, so Mephiles ends up fleeing, and she awaits his return.
Bree The Hedgehog
Bree The Hedgehog

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